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The weather is starting to change and the temperature is getting a little more bearable. That is due to the new season that is coming soon. The fall weather brings more than changing leaves, cooler weather and everything pumpkin spice. It also brings out many different pests, rodents and wildlife that can start to cause trouble around and even in your home. There are some wild animal problems that can be scary to see, especially as many of them are the size of a small dog. If you attempt to handle the wildlife on your own you could regret it when they go to defend themselves. You always want to be weary of wildlife and make sure that you respect their space and use a professional pest control service that specializes in wildlife removal to come out and relocate them to a better place for them to live. The wildlife that is seen often and should be handled by professionals is the raccoon.

Always Ready Pest Control Explains What a Raccoon is & How to Keep Them Away from Your Attic & Home

What is a Raccoon?: The raccoon is native to North America and is one of the largest wildlife that is considered a pest to homeowners and business owners. When a raccoon is fully grown it can get as large as 24 inches long in the body not including its tail! They are easy to identify with their very distinguished look. They are usually grey or light brown in color and have a black marking across their eyes that make them look like they are wearing a mask. They also have a long tail that has rings of black down it making them easy to tell apart from other wildlife that may be causing you problems. Another thing that sets them apart from other critters is their human like hands. They have longer fingers that are all separated and they use them to pick up and scoop up food and other debris as they choose.
How To Tell if You Have Raccoons Living in Your Attic or Basement: If you suspect that raccoons have taken over your property, home, attic or basement, there are some signs that you can look for. One of the most obvious signs is noise from them walking around and scratching and chewing sounds. You can also look for feces and urine around the home and in areas that might seem welcoming to a family of raccoons. They tend to cause quite a bit of damage to homes so it is always a great idea to have them removed by a professional as soon as you possibly can.
How to Remove Raccoons from Your House: The best thing you can do if you find you are playing host to a raccoon or a family of raccoons is to call a professional pest control company. A cornered raccoon can feel threatened enough to put on a display of anger and hiss or growl. If raccoons are extremely scared they have been known to run at the person or animal that is threatening them. A professional will use their expertise to trap and relocate the raccoon to a safe area to live.

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