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One of the pests that seem to be hard to get rid of are ants. They are a pest that people may not have a large fear of but they are still one that people don’t want in their home. They are most known for their behavior because they don’t really care if you are there or not. Most people come out in the kitchen to find a perfect line of ants following one after the next to gain access to most likely some food source. When you walk in the room they will just continue on their path. The other problem is if you choose to smoosh the ants that you are seeing on the counter there are thousands more waiting to take over. That is why they are troublesome because the real and most common way to treat an ant infestation is to get to the source. Otherwise the rest of the colony will just continue to send more ants. They all have a job to do and if they are not returning to the colony it will be known and the adjustment will be made. Each job is important and needs to be kept up. Most people may not know this but each ant has a job to do and there are several jobs that are available in the colony.

Always Ready Pest Control Lists Different Jobs Ants Can Have Within a Colony

Queen Ant & Male Drones: The queen ant is the founder and leader of the colony. Her primary role is to populate the colony by laying thousands of eggs. Drones are male ants whose only job is to mate with the queen. Drones die soon after.
Defense; Soldier Ants: The colony is susceptible to many other types of pests that see them as a food source. That is why the defense of the colony is taken very serious. The soldier ants are worker ants that are there to defend the colony. They are often are larger than other ants and can have larger mandibles to bite if they are attacked. The colony will rely on these ants to keep predators out of their way and keep the path clean that other ants are using in their work.
Food Collection; Worker Ants: The ants you are likely seeing on your countertops are the ones that are called on for collecting. They are the workers that are sent out in search of food. They don’t get to go out and eat what they want but they are charged with getting the food that is needed for all ants in the colony. They are out scavenging for food that is suitable and will alert the other ants of the score via pheromones. That is how they form a line that will go from the colony opening to the food source. They are willing to eat food that is found naturally as well as foods that are left behind from us. Worker ants usually want to find a food source that is not too far from home so they can carry it back to the others. Worker ants also care for the queen. She will not leave the nest or the colony and needs to be cleaned and brought food to eat. Worker ants will also care for the young and the unborn ants to that they are ready to work when their time comes.

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The winter months bring shorter days along with inclement weather conditions including icy rain and snow. Residents in Greater Manhattan, New York City and the surrounding areas will experience an increase in power bills, power outages, and other problems related to the cold. The last thing that you want to worry about is your home or business being taken over by unwanted visitors. According to the knowledgeable experts at Always Ready Pest Control, approximately 45% of rodent problems occur during the winter months. Typically beginning in the early fall, rodents will begin to look for ways to get inside structures in search of shelter, water and a reliable food source.

How Do You Know if You Have a Mouse or Rat Infestation

Rodent Droppings: Some signs of rodent activity are obvious such as finding mice or rat droppings around the home particularly where food is stored. Property owners will often find droppings in kitchen draws, under sinks, and along baseboards. Mouse droppings carry diseases such as salmonella, and Hantavirus along with causing allergic reactions in individuals who are susceptible. Never touch droppings with your bare hands, always use rubber gloves when removing rodent droppings to stop the spread of disease and keep your family healthy.
Rodent Gnaw Marks: Rodents are capable of causing thousands of dollars in property damage by chewing wood, plastic and other items to break into your home and gain access to food and water. Mice and rats will often chew and gnaw on wires creating a potential fire hazard. If you find gnaw marks in or around your property there is a good chance that you have a rodent problem.
Mice & Rat Nests: Rodents are nocturnal and secretive and look for dark areas that are quiet and secluded to build nests. Mice and rats will build nests out of many items found in your home such as paper, wall insulation, pieces of fabric and pet hair.
Rat Rub Marks: Rats will mark out a trail between their nest and any available food sources by leaving a greasy trail or rub mark along walls and floorboards. Rub marks are a sure sign that you have a rodent problem within your home.
Unusual Noises: if you hear unusual noises coming from inside your walls, especially at night chances are a family of rodents has taken up residence in your home.
Rodents: Mice are capable of breeding quickly, so if you catch sight of a mouse or rat in your home you probably already have a significant rodent problem. A female mouse for example can give birth to up 35 young each year.

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Bed bugs are one of those pests that you think will never be a problem for you. There are some people that assume as long as you have a clean house you will not have a problem with bed bugs. The issue is that bed bugs do not discriminate and in fact have been found in clean homes just as much as messy homes. They are also found to be living in motels, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and more. That means that anywhere you go, you need to be cautious. You can always start by using prevention techniques to stop them from attaching to your belongings. Seal your bags with a plastic wrapping so that they are secure from other people’s belongings. When you check into a hotel or motel room you never bring in your items until the area has been fully inspected. If you suspect bed bugs in your hotel, motel or worse in your home you want to know what steps are needed to take.

Always Ready Pest Control Offers Pest Control Tips When You Suspect Bed Bugs in Your Apartment or House

Don’t Rush Your Belongings Out of the Room if You Suspect Bed Bugs: If you are staying with a guest or you are staying in a hotel or motel room you want to check the room. If you failed to leave your belongings outside the room and you notice that the room does in fact have bed bugs don’t panic. You don’t want to run in the room grabbing all your personal belongings and rushing them into a new room. The bed bugs can easily get from one room to another just by hitching a ride on your bags. The best thing you can do is to take out your belongings and have them inspected thoroughly before you take them in another room. Even if your bags were only in the room for a short time they have become exposed to bed bugs and can have them.
Not All Pests Are Bed Bugs: When you are looking at pests that seem to be invading your home you might assume the worst. That being bed bugs but there are many other pests it could be. Bed bugs are particular in the sense that they are tiny and will hide in the cracks and crevices of your bedding and mattress. If you are seeing these same tiny pests in other areas they could be another type of pest. If you think there are bed bugs in your home you want to call out a professional as soon as possible. Having a thorough inspection done on your home is the best way to begin treatment.
Don’t Try & Spray Bed Bugs: You might think that grabbing the closest can of raid is the way to go with any pest. The problem is that bed bugs have a very specific type of treatment that is required. If you try and spray the few bed bugs that you can see you are killing those few but the rest remain. You need to hire a company that will treat the infestation in its entirety.

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Dealing with a pest infestation of any kind is never an ideal situation. Without the proper training and effective products, dealing with it yourself can prove to be a challenge. More often than not, a professional is required to handle the infestations. Where pests are an inconvenient nuisance, they can have a negative impact on your home or health. There are pests that can bring disease, viruses, bacteria and germs. Some pests are known to bite or sting, leaving behind painful reminders of their invasion and in some cases, can deliver venom with their assaults. Others trigger allergies and asthma. On the other hand, these same pests, or different species will damage the structure, utility lines, and personal possessions as they forage for food, water and nesting materials. In any case, pests are unwelcomed guests and avoiding their presence is optimal. We at Always Ready Pest Control have compiled a list of suggestions and tips on what you can around your home to significantly minimize the pests that may invade.

Tips for How to Prevent Pest Infestations

Interior Pest Inspection: Inspect the condition of the interior of your home. Look sign of damage in the structure such as cracks, gaps, and holes, exposed ventilation outlets as well utility lines, especially plumbing where leaks and drips are constant. Around the doors and windows if you see light coming through or even feel a draft, they need weather stripping. Repair any leaks and drips around the pipes, fixtures, appliances, and faucets. Apply caulk to repair the cracks and holes. Trash should be secured with a lid, frequently taken out, and periodically washed with warm soapy water inside and outside. Remove any clutter that is around the home especially the paper products such as mail, outdated catalogs, and magazines. Fabric clutter should be gone through and put away and avoid letting piles of laundry stack up. Go through the pantry and cupboards, cleaning out any spilled food and crumbs and replacing the packaged food wrapped in paper, cardboard, and flimsy plastic in durable containers with secure lids. Same for pet food; keeping it stored in sealable containers.
Exterior Home Sealing & Landscape Maintenance: Evaluate the exterior of your home from roof to foundation. Like you did inside, look for signs of damage in the structure itself, particularly around the ventilation and utility outlets. If they are exposed, install mesh coverings over them, patch the holes and cracks with caulk and if the window and door screens require cleaning and repair be sure to do so. Like the interior trashcans, the outdoor trash should have a pest-proof lid and it needs to be kept securely closed. Store the trash can as far from the house as you can manage and periodically wash the inside and exterior with warm soapy water. Remove all clutter including yard clippings and trash. Store firewood and other construction materials you want to hold onto away from the house in an organized fashion. Keep the landscaping well manicured by pruning tree limbs away from windows and the roof, trim bushes away from windows, and keep the grass short.

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By eliminating waste you remove the food source, repairing water leaks reduces water sources, and keeping the clutter under control takes away places for the pests to dwell in. Without the essentials, pests will often move on to other prospects. With the help of professional maintenance, your pest control can be well maintained. Call Always Ready Pest Control to help in your pest control efforts.