When it comes to the weather there are four seasons that we all go through. You know what season we are in based on the month but also because of some tell tell signs. The winter means freezing temperatures and snow. The fall has the amazing leaves that are changing color and falling to the ground. The spring is the time of year that all the new growth occurs and the summer is hot and sunny. There are other aspects that can help you tell what time of year we are in. There are pests that will invade your home and property depending on the season. Most of them are particular about the weather and the climate and that especially goes for cockroaches. They can be found throughout the year but some major pest infestations happen in the summer. Have you ever wondered why cockroaches love the summer months as much as you might.

Always Ready Pest Control Explains Why Roaches are More Common in Summer

Cockroach Breeding Season: When it comes to the ever present cockroach they love the summer months. They love it for many reasons but one happens to be because this is the best time for them to breed. They will procreate and lay eggs that need to have the right temperature to survive. The heat is the perfect degree for them to be born but also for them to grow fast. The hotter the temps outside the faster they can grow and that means they are ready to procreate that much faster. This is one of the main reasons that cockroaches are so prevalent in the summer months. They are much more abundant during the breeding season.
Cockroaches are Attracted to Heat but Run from the Light: The next reason you know cockroaches love the summer are the temperatures at night. They are interesting in the fact that they want to stay out of the sunlight. This is why you will see them start to scurry around when the sun goes down. Although they like how hot it is they do not want the sun but the night time temps are still suitable for them. The sun will actually cause them to start to dry out and they need moisture to survive.
Your Home Has What Cockroaches Need: The summer is when they are most active due to breeding and of course the temperatures outside. That is also why you may start to see them more and more inside your home. They need to still have access to food and of course moisture. The moisture is a major necessity and this is why you may find them in the kitchen or the bathroom. The moisture they can find and food is not far off either. The summer is a great time for them to also get in when you have the doors propped open.

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You want to make sure that you remove all food particles from the house and seal up your trash cans with the lid. Then you want to reduce any moisture build up as well as hire a pest control service. Always Ready Pest Control offers services to treat your home for unwanted pests including cockroaches. Call us today to make your appointment.