There isn’t any pests that people want to have in their house but there are a few that might make you consider moving. The great thing is that these pests can be treated and removed from your house letting you stay a while longer. The pest that is one of the worst for many reasons happens to be mice. They are just a scary little critter to see running through your home. There are lots of reasons that many people want to keep them out of their house. One is that they are known for spreading disease and germs that can affect your family. These can be illnesses that will require the help of a doctor. They also cause damage in your house. They can and will chew through the insulation as well as wires in your home that can cause a fire hazard. You also want to be able to sleep well at night and having a mouse scratching and scurrying through the house at night might make that difficult. If you want to keep mice out of your house you need to know what to look for.

Always Ready Pest Control Lists Signs of Mice in Your House or Apartment

Found Mouse Droppings: If you think you might have mice in your house you can start looking for signs. The best thing to do is to actually call out a professional to do a full inspection. If you want to do some of the investigation you can start by looking for droppings. There are a few places that you can check. The first is to look around the edges of the home and the areas you believe a mouse can fit. They are not shy about leaving their droppings so they can be just about anywhere. They are cautious so the droppings are more than likely along the sides of a room or window seal or doorway. These are areas that they use to pass from one room to the next. If you see small elongated brown pellets they are likely left by a mouse. Be sure you are careful if you clean them up. You want to cover your mouth and nose and use gloves if possible. The droppings can be carrying disease so it is best to be careful.
Mouse Teeth Marks: The next thing you can do is look for areas that the mice might be getting into. They are looking for food to eat and that means they are chewing through packaging and more to get access to it. They are able to chew through plastic and cardboard to get to the food that you have stored. If you see areas that are being chewed you want to make sure that you call out a professional right away. This is a major sign that they are in the house and that they are contaminating your food.
Mouse Smell: You can also use your nose to find signs that there are mice in your house. The mice droppings as well as their urine will leave a very musty smell throughout the house. If you start to smell this type of odor you need to call out a professional to come and take care of the infestation.

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Always Ready Pest Control can come to your home and inspect for mice. Our experts are also able to treat and eliminate the infestation as well.