We think we can all agree when we say the worst place to find a mouse or rat would be the kitchen. Every year around the holidays, people are likely to keep more food around than usual and sometimes keeping rodents out can pose a challenge. Rodents are known carriers of disease-causing pathogens and contaminate every surface the touch. Their strong sense of smell and powerful will to eat will drive them directly to your pantry if your food is not stored properly. According to the CDC, rodents worldwide carry more than 35 diseases including Salmonellosis, rat bite fever and tularemia. Rodents alone are responsible for the destruction of enough food to feed 200 million people each year! That’s a lot of food! The good news for you and your family is, there are ways to protect your home and pantry from a rodent invasion. Today, Always Ready Pest Control will give you some helpful tips on how to safe guard the food in your kitchen, as well as tips on how to keep rodents out of your home altogether.

Rodent Proof Food Storage Containers & Other Tips to Keep Mice & Rats Out

1: Cleanliness to Prevent Rodent Infestation – The first step in safe guarding your pantries and kitchens are to clean up messes as they happen. The quicker you sweep up those crumbs off the floor, the less chance you have of a rat making those crumbs their lunch. So, keeping dishes washed, counters sanitized, and the floors swept daily you limit possible food sources for these unwanted house guests. About once a month, or more often if needed, you should take the food off the shelving in the pantry, give the shelves a good wipe down with a food safe sanitizer then sweep and mop up the floor in or around the pantry. This will not only ensure your food storage stays clean but will give you the chance to inspect for any signs of rodent activity. Rats are prey animals and therefore like to stay along walls, as well as under and behind items to stay well hidden from predators. You are most likely to find chew marks in boxes or bags that are out of plain sight and droppings or urine hidden in corners behind things.
2: Best Storage Containers to Keep Mice & Rats Out – Rats have an amazingly strong sense of smell. Those fresh chocolate chip cookies you just made could be a real treat to these uninvited dinner guests. Don’t leave things out on the counter overnight, always put them into a Tupperware, or other airtight storage container to keep them inaccessible to rats. Rats are always looking for nesting material and cardboard boxes are the perfect item for them to steal. Your cereal and other food items are not safe in the boxes they came in. It is most wise to take the food out of the boxes and place it into airtight storage containers or glass jars for safe keeping.
3: Store Food Off Ground to Keep Rodents Out – Keep your food off the ground. Store it at about counter height to limit access points for rats to reach. The higher the food is, the harder is will be for a rodent to reach it. This will also reduce your risk of having rat urine and feces around your food storage.
4: Fix Water Leaks to Not Attract Rodents – A slow leak under the sink is all a rat needs to get their water fix each day. If you notice a water leak, even if it’s a small one, get it fixed right away! This will take away the rat’s water source.

Rodent Control & More in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan NYC & Greater New York

Always Ready Pest Control recommends patching up any holes in your walls or cabinets to disable a rodent’s entry/exit points into your homes. Mice only need openings the size of a dime and rats the size of a quarter to gain entry into a dwelling. By keeping your food sealed properly, keeping a neat home and sealing up any access points you are much less likely to see rodent activity in your home. If you need assistance removing rodents from your home, give our office a call and we’ll be there.