We all work diligently day in and day out to ensure we have rodent free homes. With the exception of those rats or mice that were born indoors, all rodent infestations in homes or businesses started from the outside and worked their way in. We’ve discussed in previous posts how to avoid infestations within the home business, today Always Ready Pest Control will discuss how to avoid rodent infestations outside your home, warehouse or business.

Think like a Rodent

Rodents are prey animals and therefore will not often be found in open, clear areas. They know that their survival depends on their ability to stay hidden. They thrive in covered, cluttered areas where they can safely hide from predators. Finding a suitable living space and a steady food and water source are the only things a rodent need to survive and breed. The way we maintain our yards or other outdoor spaces, as well as the manner we store things has a huge impact on whether we are creating a hospitable environment for rodents. Most rats and mice are social creatures and where you find one, you are likely to find more. Here are some tips to make your outdoor space less hospitable to rodents alike.

Repelling Rats & Mice from Garden

An overgrown bush is the perfect hiding spot for a rodent to take cover under. Certain types of rodents eat vegetation which would also offer an ample food source. By keeping trees, bushes, flowers, grass and weeds cut back and away from the perimeter of the building, you limit hiding spaces to these unwelcome intruders. Rats and mice are good climbers and will use trees close to the home as a way onto your roof or into your attic. Fallen piles of leaves should be regularly picked up to eliminate hiding spaces as well.

Garbage Can Placement; Keep Trash Away from Building

Everyone knows rats love to dumpster dive. It’s like a free buffet for these guys. Store trash cans and dumpsters at least 15 feet away from your building and ensure they have lids that lock tightly to limit smells that attract rodents and eliminates their ability to access the trash itself.

Rodent Proof Containers

This goes back to the part we discussed earlier in our post about rodents being prey mammals and needing cover to survive. Storage boxes, old vehicles, construction equipment, tools or other cluttered items are all prime living spaces for rodents. By having these items out or on the ground, you are actually attracting rodents to your property. Keep vehicles away from the building and other items stored off the ground and at least 18 inches away from your home or businesses structure. This will allow for clear inspections and deter them from making their way into your home.

Limit Rodent Food, Water & Nesting Sources

Bird baths, dog bowls, trash, bird seed and leaky hoses attract rodents and let them know there’s a party by your home or business. Keep the areas around trash cans or dumpsters clean and occasionally sprayed down, keep trash around the building regularly picked up, don’t leave water sources out and available to rodents, keep pet food tightly locked up in airtight containers, and keep bird seed to a minimum to eliminate food sources.

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