Everyone is ready for the fall weather and the change in the temperatures outside. This cooler weather is a nice and welcome change from the heat of the summer. The change in the temperature often brings with it changes in the type of wildlife as well as pests that you will see around and even in your house. The change usually sends pests looking for a place to start to nest and get out of the cold. That means that your house is a great place to land. You want to make sure that you are prepared to combat these types of issues. Rats are a pest you are sure to come across when the weather cools and no one wants to have these big rodents running through their house. It is always easier to avoid and prevent a problem than it is to combat it when it has turned into an infestation. Always Ready Pest Control outlines how to avoid a rodent infestation in your home.

Are Rats Dangerous?

There are lots of reasons you want to keep rats out of your house. Some of the main concerns you should have is they are able to bring in bacteria and disease that can be transferred to you and your family as well. The illnesses they can carry do not have to be transferred by a bite but by coming in an area that the rat was in. You also want to make sure you keep your property safe as well. They are known to go through a home and chew through many types of cords, wiring and more. These chewed lines can easily become a fire hazard as well as a costly repair that you will need to make. Lastly they can start to nest and mate and that means that your once small issue will just continue to get larger and larger.

How to Seal Foundation, Holes Around Pipes, Doors, Windows & More

One of the best things that you can do to keep rats and other rodents out of your house is to seal it up. You do not want to leave any gaps that they may be able to fit through open. The gaps are often near doors and openings in the house. You can have them sealed off to be sure that a rat is not able to get in the house. These gaps can be hard to find so it is a good idea to use a professional pest control inspection.

Don’t Leave Food Out to Attract Mice & Rats

You also want to make sure that you do not leave any food out for rats to get in contact with. They are willing to eat food that you leave out in the trash such as fruit, veggies and more. They also will get in foods that are not sealed up properly in your house. Be sure that you are taking care of left over food in your house and have it sealed up properly.

Rodent Inspections, Control & Removal in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan NYC & Greater New York

Always Ready Pest Control can come out to your house and inspect for signs of rats and then present a custom rodent control plan to get rid of them. Call us today to talk to one of our technicians.