Have you ever felt like people have formed opinions about you based on information that they have heard but that is not true? Unfortunately this happens every day. Not only does this happen to humans, it happens to pests and insects as well. Many people have formed opinions about spiders based on information that is actually false. Today Always Ready Pest Control is going to debunk some of the most common myths about spiders.

Do We Swallow Spiders in Our Sleep?

One of the craziest myths about spiders is that the average person swallows eight spiders every year in their sleep. This myth has an interesting history behind it. In 1993 a columnist for a magazine wrote an article about how people will believe everything that they read online. The columnist made up a list of ridiculous facts and started circulating them via email. Proving her hypothesis true, people still believe this made up “fact” about spiders today. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever swallow even one live spider in your sleep.

Do All Spiders Make Webs?

The second myth that we will address today is that all spider spin webs. If you think about spiders you probably immediately also think about spider webs. Spiders and spider webs are linked in most of our heads. The truth is that while many spiders do build spider webs to help them obtain their food, not all spiders use this method. There are several species of spiders that use other methods to catch their food. These spiders may jump on their prey to catch their food.

Are All Spider Webs Round?

Another myth that people believe concerning spider webs is that all spider webs are round. Whenever spider webs are depicted in movies or cartoons the webs are always round. Many spiders do build round webs but there are just as many spider webs that are different shapes as well. Sheet webs and funnel webs are actually both more common than round spider webs.

Are Daddy Long Legs the Most Venomous Spiders?

The fourth myth that we will debunk today was highlighted on the show Mythbusters in 2004. Many people believe that daddy long legs are one of the most venomous spiders but their fangs are too short to penetrate human skin. This is completely false! First of all if their fangs don’t allow them to inject their venom into humans how can they be the most venomous? Scientists have stated that when daddy-longlegs bite a human no extreme reaction occurs.

Are All Spiders Dangerous?

Many people also believe that all spiders are dangerous to humans. While spiders are indeed predators they do not prey on humans. They feed mainly on insects. Spiders actually help the environment by reducing the amount of pests in homes and gardens all around the world. Some spiders do have a venomous bite but only a few species are known to cause actual health problems. Widow spiders and the recluse spiders are the only species of spiders that can actually harm humans.

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We hope that you learned something new about spiders today after reading this article. Some of the things that scare us the most about spiders are not true. We hope that if you are afraid of spiders these facts helped you with your fear. If you have spiders on your property or in your home and need help getting rid of them please give Always Ready Pest Control a call. We can come out and help you devise a plan that will help you get rid of the unwanted creatures on your property. Contact us for solutions to all your pest problems!