Let’s be honest, mice are pretty cute. Some may squeal and do the rain dance at the sight of one in their home, but when you walk through the pet store you can’t tell me you don’t stop and admire the cute and fuzzy rodents in the cages. You may have even contemplated taking one home a time or two! Well today we will be writing on mice. Not the cute ones you see in the store, but the ones that ravage through out state and carry harmful viruses, bacteria and ectoparasites while destroying our homes. When mice are able to invade our homes, they wreak havoc on our furniture, clothing, insulation, wiring and other things we don’t want them on. But there is a much bigger problem we will be discussing today.

NYC Mice Transmit Bacteria

A recent study conducted by the CDC and Columbia University took more than 400 mice from NYC residential buildings and tested the bacteria in their feces for signs of diseases. What they found is disturbing to say the least. In the first study that was performed the mice feces were tested and the following strains of harmful bacteria were found.
Shigella– A group of harmful bacteria that causes Shigellosis, an infectious disease that causes diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps.
Clostridium difficile– Causes associated diarrhea and colitis.
Salmonella– Causes Salmonellosis, symptoms include stomach cramps, fever and diarrhea.
Escherichia Coli– Causes severe stomach cramps, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting with a low-grade fever.

Viral Diversity of House Mice in New York City, NY

Some of these bacteria strains proved to be resistant to the antibiotics that were used in the lab which is even more disturbing! The second study performed was to test for the genetic sequences found in various viruses. Testing concluded with 36 different types of viruses, which included 6 that had never been seen before! With the heavier of the mice testing for higher numbers of viruses than the smaller mice that were tested. None of the genetic sequences for viruses found in these mice are known to have the ability to infect humans. However, our animals are not as safe as we are. Dogs, chickens, pigs etc. are at risk of catching these viruses. These mice are acting as vectors for the spreading of viruses from one animal species to another. Just because we are not at immediate risk of contracting these viruses, it does not mean that they won’t mutate in the future. This is something researchers will continue to study.

Chances of Getting Sick from Mouse Droppings

Most people fear rats more than they do mice, but don’t let their small stature fool you into a false sense of security. Aside from the various viruses they carry, mice help fleas, lice and other ectoparasites travel from place to place and can cause flea infestations in your home! So, not only will you be dealing with a mouse problem, if left untreated you will have to deal with a flea infestation as well! Mice pee and poo a lot! Their poo contains harmful and dangerous microbes that can make you ill, so if you are needing to clean up after them follow the CDC’s instructions on their website to clean up safely without spreading those microbes to the rest of your home! Mice are fast breeders and a seemingly small mouse issue can turn into an infestation rather quickly!

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