The cold weather means that many people are trying to find activities that are in the house or indoors. They want to stay out of the cold weather so that they can enjoy life. It also means that you have likely swapped to using the heater in your house so when you are done outdoors you can warm up. The problem is that there are pests that are looking for a nice warm house in invade as well. One of the pests that seem to be a problem in the colder months are rodents. They do not want to live in the cold if they can find a way in. The problem is that your home might be the perfect spot for them and most people are not aware of how easy it is for them to get inside. You could be dealing with a mouse all the way to rats. They are not something that you want to let freely roam around your house. They can bring disease and of course damage with them. Always Ready Pest Control outlines some of the tell-tale signs of rodents and how best to treat them.

Rodent Droppings & Chewed Packages

Rat and mice droppings are tell-tale signs of rodents in your house. Rat droppings are shiny black and about 1/2 – 3/4 of an inch long, whereas mice droppings are smooth and smaller with pointed ends. Another obvious sign are chew marks. Typical rat teeth marks are roughly 1/8-inch long, while mice leave smaller and “scratchier” marks on food packaging.

Rodent Noises; What Do Rats & Mice Sound Like?

One of the most common things you can use as a sign that rodents are in your house are the sounds that they make. They tend to be quiet in the day time when you are using your house and you are up and making noise. When the house starts to quiet down and you lay down for bed the rodents are out to start working. You may want to try and lay down to fall asleep and start to hear scratching in the walls. They are looking for scraps for their nest and making their way to the food. You want to make sure that if you are hearing any scratching or even scurrying around that you contact a pest control company right away.

Mouse & Rat Odor

Most people want their home to smell nice and inviting when they come home and when friends are over for a visit. When you have an infestation of rodents you will start to notice an odor that is in the house. This is something that might smell musty and can get worse over time. The odor is due to the rodents leaving urine and feces all around the house. The ammonia in the urine will start to build up and can create an odor that is hard to handle. The only real way to get rid of the smell is to have the infestation treated.

Rodent Exclusion

Prevention is the most important part of protecting your home from rodents. You can try to seal off any areas that they can use to get in the house. You also want to keep any foods that might be attracting them sealed up. This also includes your pet food as well. Lastly be sure that your home is being treated for pests through the whole year.

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