When you are dealing with pests in your home you know that an infestation is a real issue. If you have let an infestation get out of hand, it can take some time to remove it entirely. The treatments for an infestation may take several applications and that is why doing what you can to prevent pests is a much better option. One of the ways to stop pests is to have your home treated by a professional pest control company on a regular basis. Although this is a great way to keep pests away there are also things that you can use to help prevent pests as well.

Always Ready Pest Control What Smells Will Keep Bugs, Insects, Spiders & Other Pests Out of Your Home

Orange & Citrus Peel Insecticide: If you want to have a great smelling house and keep spiders away from your home use citrus peels. Some of the peels you can use are from oranges, lemons or limes. They are all great choices and are all able to add a great smell to your home. The peel should be taken from the fruit and used to wipe down window seals, door jams and any other areas that spiders may be getting in your home. The peels are a safe prevention method.
Cedar Wood Repels Insects: If you are noticing holes in your clothes you may have a problem with moths. They are known to eat away at fabric that can be a real pain to your wardrobe. The best way to keep them at bay is to use chips of cedar wood. You can add them to the drawers and closets of your home to keep moths out.
White Vinegar Repels Ants: One of the most annoying pests that people are stuck dealing with are ants. They walk across walkways and counters and they are found in colonies that number in the thousands. When dealing with ants you have to treat the problem at the source otherwise it will end up continuing. If you want to use an easy repellent you can mix water and white vinegar to spritz on the surfaces of your home and property. Vinegar is a safe product to use in homes and is also used as a cleaning product.
Plants that Repel Insects: If you want to keep many types of pests away and increase the taste of your dinner, plant some herbs. The smell from many types of herbs is a natural way to keep pests away. You can use these plants as a block when planted under windows and near doorways. The herbs are a great way to prevent pests but also increase the flavors of your dinners.
Cinnamon Or Chalk Repels Bugs: There are videos that show a line of chalk being drawn or cinnamon being sprinkled down and pests refusing to cross it. The line is really not a barrier they can’t pass since it is low to the ground but they are still not crossing for some reason. If you have an area that seems to get lots of pests such as ants crossing you can use one of these two items.

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