If you have any kind of pests in your house they all have a level of trouble that they will cause. If you have ants they invade your kitchen, cockroaches contaminate surfaces and wasps sting if they feel threatened. There are some pests that cause a lot of damage to your home and spread germs and disease as well. The pest that fits in each of these categories is the rat. They are a problem in many homes and have become a large problem in many local New York communities. They used to be a large problem in rural areas and less common in the suburbs and main urban areas of the cities. Now rats are coming up in regular everyday communities and that is why it is important to know what they could be doing to your home and around your property. Always Ready Pest Control outlines the risk rats pose to your loved ones and property.

Rats Eating Car Engine Wires & Other Vehicle Damage

If you are like many people you are parking your car in the garage. This is to keep it safe from the outdoor elements and also from being vandalized. The problem is that it could be damaged if you have rats in your house or on your property. What homeowners are finding is that their car is not starting or working right. They are realizing that the rats are eating and chewing through the wiring in the engine. The wires have a coating that many car manufacturers have moved to which is soy. This is something that the rat will use as a source of food. They will chew through the car wires and leave you stranded.

Rodent Insulation Property Damage

When the rats have made their way into your house they are sure to start nesting. The problem is that they need to find the right materials to do that. Your home is full of items that can be used and that means that they will find it. They love to dig in your insulation, wiring and other materials that are behind the walls. They need to hide to stay safe so you won’t even know what they are damaging. They will create a space that they can nest and reproduce. You want to make sure that the first sign of rats you call out a professional right away to avoid any major damage to the house. If they are left to chew wires it can be a fire hazard as well.

Diseases Spread By Rats to Humans

Rats are also going to start getting into the food. This is anything that is left in the cupboards and areas that are not sealed up. Rodents will get in and contaminate the rest of the food in your house. This could make your family sick that is then eating the same foods. Rats will also leave droppings and urine where they go and that will leave bacteria that can cause illness as well as breathing troubles for many people.

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